LIGO: The Universe As It Is, I Think
13 mins/HD/USA/2019

Dir: Hussain Currimbhoy,  Carrie McCarthy, Mark Pedri
Prod: Burning Torch Productions, Breakthrough Foundation.

A mechanic-turned-scientist enables the discovery of  the signal in the noise of the universe.


90 mins/HD/SWE/2021

Dir: Jonny Von Wallström
Prod: André Wallström
Exex Prod: Hussain Currimbhoy
Rough Studios

Contingency of Eye Contact

90 mins/HD/AUS/2022

Dir: Philip Gasterlow
Prod: Hussain Currimbhoy

Based on the biography of artist,  Max Pam, this feature documentary includes rarely seen photos and insights into the life and work of one of Australia’s leading photographers.

Coming soon.....

Master Mechanic Films AB 2021