Master Mechanic Films is an independent film and video  production company, based in Sweden. We produce feature-length and short documentary and fiction films, working internationally with partners like the Breakthrough Prize and Chicago Media Project in the United States, Screen West in Australia and M:Brane in Sweden.

Our goals are to deliver high quality, cinematic, diverse films that center on driven characters. We love to create stories about scientists, artists, and everyday individuals who operate outside the system, and make us look at our own societies a little differently.

We also create commercial content for small and medium sized businesses, most recently collaborating with education leader, Dr. Malin Gutestam of Hjarnskap  who’s lecture series on adolescent brain health we helped to produce for online release.

Master Mechanic Films also offers consultancy services for film productions at any stage of development/production and programming advice for film festivals.
As we move into one of the most vibrant moments in film production ever seen, Master Mechanic Films delivers socially relevant, exciting storytelling for a global audience.Our work is human scale, personal and proudly Independent.

Master Mechanic Films AB 2021