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          Master Mechanic Films

Master Mechanic Films AB is founded and operated by filmmaker and producer, Hussain Currimbhoy.

Since its inception in 2020 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Master Mechanic Films has offered high quality film production services for a range of collaborators including major film funding institutions such as, the Chicago Media Project, Breakthrough Prize, Film i Skåne and Screen West.

We embrace short and feature length documentary and narrative films designed to reach an international audience with a spirit of independence at their core.

As Executive Director, Hussain draws on years of international experience seeing independent films connect with audiences. We are drawn to the stories concerning the diaspora, the conditions of exile, the fish-out-of-water experience, whether that story is told through non-fiction or narrative methods. Whether we are working with emerging artists and established scientists, the common thread is the desire to  share humanist ideals and vital stories that make us look differently at our world.

We offer full film production services for a range of budgets and work closely with our collaborators from concept to production design, from the shoot to delivery: all with the goal of optimizing the narrative you want to share.

︎ by Sanjeev Lakhanpaul

We pride ourselves on thinking internationally for every project while working with the best film practitioners in our region.

Bringing a broad network of friends and associates makes Master Mechanic Films a unique filmmaking enterprise that aims to support diverse storytellers who want to share stories for a new generation of viewers.

Ensuring a diverse team means we consdier every angle and ensure our films speak to a wide range of demographics.

We welcome new collaborations to create films. From musicians who need a unique music video or companies interested in producing industrial or business-related material.

We also welcome collaborations with individuals who have professional filmmaking needs.

Master Mechanic Films is a member of the Southern Sweden Producers Association.

         Hussain Currimbhoy

Hussain has worked in the film industry since graduating from the Victorian College of Art in 2002. 

Born in Canada, Hussain has lived and worked in the USA, Australia, Japan, Sweden, the UK, and the Middle East as film programmer and film professional.  

A passion for international cinema lead Hussain to program for the Melbourne International Film Festival, establishg his own traveling short film festival and curating a season of Turkish cinema for the Australian Center for the Moving Image. After working with the Brisbane Int. Film Festival and the Adelaide Film Festival Hussain became director of programming for England’s Sheffield Doc/Fest.

By 2014, Hussain moved to Los Angeles to join Sundance Film Festival as lead documentary and VR programmer. While at Sunance Hussain led the New Climate program: a section dedicated to environmental storytelling. Hussain also worked closely with Shari Frilot and the New Frontier program, where a love of emerging technology and storytelling took hold.

An interest in communicating science led Hussain to collaborate on a series of films about cutting edge scientists for the Breakthrough Prize, and the birth of Hussain’s blog about astronomy and film.

After contracts as guest programmer for Nordisk Panorama, FoodxFilm Festival and as Artistic Director of the Red Sea Int. Film Festival, Hussain relocated to Sweden to develop a focus in filmmaking.

Hussain has sat on juries at IDFA, Biografilm, Antenna Festival and Krakow Film Festival and is a regular public speaker.

Hussain currently splits his time between Europe, North America and Australia. Most recently he has been appointed Director, Global Project Development/ Investment for the Chicago Media Project.  

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