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Feature / Paula Froehle, dir. / Hussain Currimbhoy, producer / USA / in production

Ground breaking science and art intersect to tell the story of Joe Weber - the first scientist to explore the detection of gravitational waves. Derided by the science community, Weber worked nearly alone to answer one of the great questions of science: could we “hear” the universe through gravitational waves, much like we “see” the universe through electromagnetic waves? Could the same passion to explore the unknown become his undoing? This was a quest that consumed him up to his death.

Including interviews with Nobel Laureates Kip Thorne and Ray Weiss, psychologist Steven Pinker, astrophysicist Nergis Mavalvala, Janna Levin and others.

This feature length documentary inspires audiences to see their world differently and feel the thin divide between passion and reason.

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